Artists Submissions Guidelines (Read This First)

You only get one chance at a first impression It is very important to follow the guidelines for the best outcome of your submission.


You only get one chance at a first impression. It is very important to follow the guidelines for the best outcome of your submission. is not like all the other “sell your art online” websites that try to fish for clients to buy your art.

Curated is the fourth gallery of MAC Art Galleries. What makes us different is we are not fishing for clients, we already have clients and our client base is ever growing to the point we require a greater number of works than we can house in our physical galleries to service our ever growing market.

MAC Art Galleries has a team of experienced Curators that will be leveraging the expertise they use with clients every day to help collectors make the best choices for their collections and projects.

In addition to displaying art on the website, your art will be presented and represented to clients in the same manner that we provide in the South Florida galleries as well as web-based clients.

MAC Art Galleries has three locations in South Florida and as our first online store. is an extension to the Brick and Mortar Galleries offering greater exposure to new work for our already extensive and growing client base.

Your association with Curated by MAC ART will bring your art to the screens of the correct clients for acquisition and long time relationships with MAC Art Galleries.

Now that you know the concept of, you should understand that our Artist Submission Guidelines may be more stringent than other websites. We have a very experienced Curator group that already knows our clients wants and needs and will be reviewing your submission.

Only contact the galleries via this website, check the FAQ before using the contact form. Failure to observe these rules will exclude you from the submission process for one year.

Here is what you need to do before starting your Submission.

  • Take a good look at our art online: &
  • Make sure your art fits or complements what we offer in style, price and sizes.
  • Have at least 10+ works available to offer with us at all times.
  • Read and agree to our Terms of Service (TOS).

Our Submission method is multi-part beginning with a primary review form.
If selected you will be sent a username and login for this site to complete the long form and upload your works and more detailed information. This will once again be reviewed for inclusion. Please only submit to the form below once every 6 months.